Advanced Residential Grub Composting System Pilot

Our Green Team's permaculture experts are always looking for advances in technology that can  help Oaklyn residents find more convenient ways to recycle their kitchen scraps and restaurant leftovers quickly. With this in mind, we're proud to announce our 2019 Black Soldier Fly Larva Pilot. While many compost bins can take 6-12 months to break down their contents, we've been testing a new composting system that can eliminate most of your food scraps in as little as 24-36 hours. Utilizing the beneficial, juvenile grub of the native Black Soldier Fly, the devices we're using during this pilot offer an efficient way of bio-converting your food scraps, coffee grounds and brewery waste into living biomass, WITHOUT the need to separate the grubs from the active pile. Mature grubs AUTO-SEPARATE from the active pile via patented crawl-off ramps and collect in the handled harvest bucket. For this pilot we're distributing BioPodTM Plus units to restaurants and retailers throughout Oaklyn. If you'd be interesting in trying one of these units at home, contact BioPod Pilot. To learn more about composting in general visit the Composting page on this site. 

Diversion of Food Waste by Recycling: Food leftovers are the single largest component of the waste stream by weight in the US (equates to 12% of the municipal solid waste). In fact, we throw away 25% of the food we prepare, which is approximately 96 billion
lbs of food scraps annually.

The BioPod is a composting apparatus that uses the help of the Black Soldier Fly , which lives most of its life in the larval stage.  They only live for a few days as a fly.  By comparison, a housefly can live for up to a month.  The purpose of the program is to determine whether using this type of device to reduce the amount of food scraps that go to the landfill, will be useful.  One of our first pilot participants is the BioPod is The Square Meal in downtown Oaklyn. 




The BioPod we are using is a container constructed to accept 5 pounds of food scraps (including meats and cheeses) per day.  The Black Soldier Fly lays eggs inside the BioPod which become larvae.   It is in this larval state that the food scraps are consumed by the larvae.  The waste is reduced by 90% and becomes rich organic soil.  During the peak summer season, the food waste is broken down by the larvae in a day or two.  When the larvae become adults and are ready to leave the BioPod, they climb the ramps that are built into the BioPod.  They then fall into a collection bin where they can be removed and fed to chickens and other birds, fish and reptiles.  Another benefit of the BioPod is compost tea, a very valuable additive to gardening, which contains a pheromone that keeps other flies away from the area. 

Overview video of BioPodTM Plus parts and design