Composting: Reducing Waste in Oaklyn by Feeding the Soil

The Oaklyn Green Team and our permaculture experts are here to support you in getting started with composting. We have regular composting training events in town for all age groups, as well as free consulting support for homes, local businesses, and houses of worship. Please contact us with any questions or details on training at Composting In Oaklyn.

What is Composting?


Composting is turning organic matter such as leaves, grass clippings, into a nutrient rich compost (i.e., beautiful soil). This amazing activity benefits you, your yard, and your community. You can produce your own compose to regenerate your soil. If you're a gardener, this should be music to your ears.


Oaklyn Green Team Chairman Emeritus Rob Bennett discusses backyard composting initiatives


Over time, soil loses nutrients by erosion, runoff, and leaching. Contains abundant nutrients. You can add it to your soil, which in turn helps plants grow. If you grow vegetables and fruits, your produce will have higher nutritional value - which makes them healthier for your family. If you have trees, shrubs, flowers, and ground cover, they will benefit from composting as well.


Composting your food waste (which includes almost everything other than meat and bones) saves energy and money on Trash Day. By using food that would otherwise end up in your trash can, you're reducing the weight of your trash, in turn reducing the amount of energy required to deliver trash to the landfill. Composting reduces our municipality's hauling expenses. Use the guide below as a composting primer:

Even school age kids in Oaklyn are doing their part to contribute to a sustainable future by learning the value composting,