Recycling in Oaklyn: let's all do our part!

Reycling is a responsibility we all share. Changes in the global market for recycling is causing communities like Oaklyn to implement tougher policies when it comes to what our Department of Public Works is able to accept during weekly recycling collection. In addition to the broad enviornmental concerns, there's now a greater financial burden on municipalities when residents don't follow guidelines. For details on our local Trash & Recycling policies, click the links below:  

SPECIAL ALERT: To prevent further flooding in our area, the Oaklyn Department of Public Works is calling on residents to ensure all grass clippings from mowers, blowers, and weed wackers are placed directly in cans with lids or in brown compostable bags. No plastic bags. Loose lawn waste is a leading cause of storm sewer blockage.

Click on either of the images below for the PDF version of Camden Counties Spring 2019 Recycling Brochure: